Jerry McGuire and King Solomon

Show me the money! As Jerry McGuire and King Solomon find out, riches are nice tools, but not satisfying to the soul. Jerry puts it in these words: Fewer clients, less money. Solomon put it this way: “He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves wealth with his income; this is also vanity.” Ecclesiastes 5: 10. What is your mission in life?

Brought To Jesus

What would you do to bring someone to Jesus? Would you drag them across town? Would you carry them on a stretcher? Would you tear a hole in someones roof and lower them down through the roof? Okay before you get out the demolition equipment, let’s look at Mark chapter 2 and see what lengths some dedicated friends went through so their friend be before Jesus.

You Gotta Call It

We all face tough decisions. Sometimes we know they are coming and we put them off until later. We all must decide what to make of the person Jesus. He claimed he was one with God. He claimed he was God. Lets look at the books of John and Daniel and see how people reacted to Jesus’s claims of divinity. Is he LORD, liar, or lunatic? You gotta call it.