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Jerry McGuire and King Solomon

Show me the money! As Jerry McGuire and King Solomon find out, riches are nice tools, but not satisfying to the soul. Jerry puts it in these words: Fewer clients, less money. Solomon put it this way: “He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves wealth with his income; this is also vanity.” Ecclesiastes 5: 10. What is your mission in life?

Brought To Jesus

What would you do to bring someone to Jesus? Would you drag them across town? Would you carry them on a stretcher? Would you tear a hole in someones roof and lower them down through the roof? Okay before you get out the demolition equipment, let’s look at Mark chapter 2 and see what lengths some dedicated friends went through so their friend be before Jesus.

You Gotta Call It

We all face tough decisions. Sometimes we know they are coming and we put them off until later. We all must decide what to make of the person Jesus. He claimed he was one with God. He claimed he was God. Lets look at the books of John and Daniel and see how people reacted to Jesus’s claims of divinity. Is he LORD, liar, or lunatic? You gotta call it.

David: A man after God’s own heart – The Fear

David has lost much. He has lost his high rank in the army. His wife has betrayed him. He is forced to flee from his spiritual advisor, Samuel. He has been forced to leave his closest and most loyal friend, Jonathon, behind as he flees from Saul. David is now desperate and seeking help. He is in need of food and weapons. In his flight from Saul, he arrives unexpectedly and then calls on a priest named Ahimelech for aid.

David: A man after God’s own heart – The Friend

What makes a good friend? Today we look at the friendship between David and Jonathon. Everyone would be thankful to have 1 friend in their life as loyal as Jonathon. But we must ask ourselves, am I a good friend?

David: A man after God’s own heart – The Fight

After 40 days of talk and unanswered challenges, the fight is on. Goliath is charging the lines of the Israelite army. Who runs out to meet the Giant? The shepherd boy David. He is full of faith is his God. The fight that had been building for 40 days, will now end in minutes. As we look at the victory God worked through David, we must consider, what battles are you fighting?

David: A man after God’s own heart – The Giant

What causes you to be overtaken with fear and dread? No, we aren't talking about heights, snakes, or spiders. What situations cause you to stop in your tracks because they appear to be overwhelming and insurmountable? Today we look at possibly the most well-known story in all of the Bible. David vs. Goliath. The one towering warrior that caused an entire army to lose heart and hope. The little shepherd boy against the towering trash talking brute. Too often this story is presented as an underdog story. It is much more. David provides an amazing example of unshaken faith in his God. David does not speak and act based only on what he sees, he moves forward remembering what his God has already done.

David: A man after God’s own heart – Off season

Do you know your purpose in life? If you do, what are doing to fulfill that purpose? Some seasons of life bring great focus and clear direction. Other seasons, we may find ourselves asking, “Why am I stuck here?” Let’s call those types of seasons, an off-season. When we think of King David, we think of a general leading armies to victory or a courageous boy fighting a giant. Surely one anointed to be King had a great and high purpose. But what forged the boy into the King? A season as a shepherd. David already had his calling, but first, he had some off season work to do.