Counter Culture Part 1 – Abortion

I’m so excited, as I always am, to get into the Word tonight. We have been in the book of Judges for the past couple of months. It’s been a tough but glorious study as we’ve seen the utter depths of human depravity as the Israelites have come to settle in the Promised Land. Rather than wiping out the enemy who lives in the land as God has commanded, the Israelites instead moved in with them, and we have seen the amazing troubles that it has caused for them.

Rather than being a holy people set apart for God’s glory among the Canaanites, instead, the Israelites have adopted some of the practices of the pagans. They have integrated into their society, allowing the cultural norms and beliefs of the Canaanites influence their own beliefs and practices. This is exactly why, by the way, God commanded the sons of Israel to utterly destroy them…but anyway…what we’re going to start tonight is not completely a new study…we still have 5 more chapters to cover in Judges…but we’re going to just step out of Judges with 1 foot while keeping 1 foot in!