Brought To Jesus

What would you do to bring someone to Jesus? Would you drag them across town? Would you carry them on a stretcher? Would you tear a hole in someones roof and lower them down through the roof? Okay before you get out the demolition equipment, let’s look at Mark chapter 2 and see what lengths some dedicated friends went through so their friend be before Jesus.

David: A man after God’s own heart – Off season

Do you know your purpose in life? If you do, what are doing to fulfill that purpose? Some seasons of life bring great focus and clear direction. Other seasons, we may find ourselves asking, “Why am I stuck here?” Let’s call those types of seasons, an off-season. When we think of King David, we think of a general leading armies to victory or a courageous boy fighting a giant. Surely one anointed to be King had a great and high purpose. But what forged the boy into the King? A season as a shepherd. David already had his calling, but first, he had some off season work to do.