Flynn Family

Wes grew up in eastern North Carolina and graduated from NC State University in 1992. He served as a public school teacher for 13 years at an alternative school for at-risk middle school students. Wes currently works for Wells Fargo Bank as a Project Management Manager. Wes and Pilar met and were married in 1998 and have two beautiful children, Gabby and Daniel. Pilar is originally from Bogota, Colombia. In their free time, Wes and Pilar enjoy family time and investing into the lives of others.

Borski Family

David Borski graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He works fulltime in the aerospace industry, modifying electronics for attack aircraft and managing other related projects. He is married to his “Babe, Sweetie” Page who also graduated from A&M with a Mathematics degree. David and Page support the nursery and children’s ministries, play with the band, cook, clean, help with the church books, and do anything else that needs to be done. They have three darling kids, Elizabeth, James, and Nathan. In their free time, David and Page lead a small group, mentor students, and spend time as a family. Also, David leads the Elder’s Ministry for the Church.

Hall Family

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Edwards Family

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Devereaux Family

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Worship Ministry

Rodriguez Family

Kevin Rodriguez is a middle school teacher in San Antonio. He has a Biblical Studies degree from the Baptist University of the Américas. While he has taught science and computer classes for the past few years, he also spent time as a youth minister. He is married to his “honey bunny” Karina. They met while Kevin was attending the Baptist University of the Américas. They have three wonderful boys, Luke, Isaac, and Caleb. In his free time, you will find Kevin writing his own music, preparing music for worship services, and working on his nertz game. At church they support the worship ministry, and children’s ministry.

Marriage Ministry

Cronenberger Family

Jody Cronenberger is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from UTSA. He works full time in the aerospace industry conducting laboratory tests and structural life predictions for several aircraft. He is also a programmer and has been known to work on a few extraterrestrial projects. He is married to “the Love of his life” Emily. They met at UTSA while Emily was studying for a degree in Business Management. They have been blessed with five beautiful girls, Zoe, Amity, True, Felice, and Lenya. In their free time, you may find them keeping the church books, preparing for the worship service, spending time as a family, and mentoring students. At church, they also support the cooking, nursery and worship ministry