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Outreach to Turkish Muslims


This past weekend was a weekend that ran the gamut of emotions as we celebrated with our Alamo Stone family who chose to be baptized on Saturday and as we grieve for the victims and families of the Orlando tragedy. Please be in prayer that God would work through the pain to bring lost people to salvation. 

This Thursday, Rudy Rocamontes and his family will be involved in an outreach to the Turkish Muslim community as they break the fast for Ramadan. This is an opportunity to meet people who are lost without Jesus, and to begin developing relationships that can be cultivated over the weeks and months ahead. The event will be held at the Raindrop Turkish House @ 4337 Vance Jackson Rd. #203 starting at 7:30pm.

If you are interested in joining the event, please contact Rudy at 210-422-4279.  

Thank you, church!

Pastor Wes

Baptism Service

Celebrating baptisms!
Hello Alamo Stone Church family!


I remember when I placed my faith in Jesus Christ at the age of 13, some people in the church told me that I "had to" get baptized. When I asked why, the best anyone could tell me was, "Because the Bible commands it!" Quite honestly, that answer didn't do much for me so I ended up getting baptized because I "had to".

Now, please don't misunderstand me…obedience to God's Word is certainly a reason to get baptized but it is not the only reason. And to do it solely because you "have to", without really understanding the meaning of baptism, takes some of the joy out of what should be a reason to celebrate. Anyone who has placed their faith in Christ should view baptism as an honor. We are privileged as believers to identify with Christ in his death, burial and resurrection! Baptism is the symbolic act that confirms the commitment we have made to follow Christ, to identify personally with Him, and to walk in newness of life that only a life committed to Jesus can bring!

Three of our Alamo Stone family members have made the decision to be baptized this Saturday, so I want to encourage you to come out and celebrate the baptisms of James Borski, Elizabeth Borski and Kent Odaffer this Saturday at 5:30pm at the Cronenberger property! If you would like to be baptized or if you have questions, please contact Dave Borski: (210)487-9403.

With much love!
Pastor Wes
ASC Vision: to make disciples who glorify God by pursuing His unique calling on their lives.