A Note from North Carolina


Hello Alamo Stone Family!


The Flynns are really enjoying our time back in my beautiful home state of North Carolina. I look forward to sharing some of our experiences with you when we return next week, but today was an especially sweet day that I simply could not wait to share!

We have been spending a couple of days at the beach and while the Flynn girls soaked in the sun today, the Flynn boys were a little more active…swimming in the ocean, hunting for shark teeth (found a bunch!), trying to catch little fish that the waves were bringing in, and trying to catch big fish off the pier! The father-son time that we had today was a sweet blessing for both of us. Once when I asked Daniel what he wanted to do…swim, try to catch little fish, or look for shark teeth…he responded, "Whatever you want to do. I just want to be with you!" 

As we were enjoying God's beautiful creation and I was delighting in my son, it was not lost on me just how amazing God's love for us is…that He would sacrifice His own Son…the Son that He delights in…on a cross! It was also very apparent that for Daniel, it didn't matter what we were doing…it wasn't the activity…it was simply being with his earthly father that was so special to him. Just as I was delighting in him, he was delighting in me! How much more so should that be the case as we delight in our Heavenly Father!

As we approach Father's Day, I pray that you will let the dad(s) in your life know how special they are to you and how much you delight in them. As I have shared with you, my relationship with my step-father has been difficult at best. But I can still find things in him to be thankful for because he is the earthly father that God chose for me. No matter how good or bad your relationship with your dad is, would you make the effort to delight in him, as well as with your Heavenly Father, this Father's Day? 

If you are a dad, I want to wish you a very special Happy Father's Day! We are truly blessed to have wonderful godly men at Alamo Stone. I hope that you will delight in your kids this weekend, reflecting the qualities of your Heavenly Father to your children!

Please join the rest of the Alamo Stone family this Saturday night as Dave Borski brings a special Father's Day message!

Delighting in HIm,
Pastor Wes